Gosstech has been operating in Singapore for 10 years with demonstrated awards in industry, we provide one of the region's most innovative and cost-efficient IT solutions to valued customers in Singapore, Southeast Asia Countries and China.

As a mature IT hub, we have diverse professional teams across Singapore and China among all software life cycles, such as groups of pre-sales consultants, consultants, UI/UX team, developing & testing team to support team. Division of Labour makes an agile development environment which then contributes to optimize human work hours and improve work efficiency.


To bring secure, high-quality and cost-efficient services to market with improved operating efficiency, by leveraging our proprietary technology infrastructure and solutions.

  • Safety

  • High quality

  • Economic

  • Efficient


In enterprise projects, operators(users) are always bothered by system bugs or limited business scenario and have to put quite effort in looking for workaround. Gosstech was born to serve clients with neat UI portal and efficient work flow.

We also aim to eliminate the pain points in industry:

  • Unsustainable and limited scope
    business model design

  • Gap between business needs and
    software implementation

  • Huge cost in project maintenance with
    comparable less output