The popularity of mobile app within the market has rapidly grown in recent. Gosstech offers IT services in mobile platform including mobile app design and mobile app development. An innovative app design is a very first yet important phase for a success mobile app.

Gosstech mobile development team has experience in develops mobile app in different mobile platform environment such as iOS and Android. Besides, the team has strong technical knowledge in back end system integration as well.

Services and Solutions We are providing

  • Mobile Internet Application

    1. iPhone Application

    2. iPad Application

    3. Android Application

    4. Apad Application

    5. WinPhone8 Application


    7. Location Based Services

    8. Multi-Touch

  • Creative Design & Implementation

    1. Conceptual Design

    2. Feasibility Testing

    3. Product Definition

    4. Animation

    5. Information Architecture

    6. Media and Video

    7. Business Workflow

    8. Prototyping

    9. New Technology Research


  • Understand and Research

    Initial communication to fully understand customer requirements and research any potentials.

  • Conceptual Solution

    Based on realistic environment, propose several options, and work with customers to confirm the final solution.

  • Implementation and Delivery

    Interact with customers, assure project schedule and implementation details, and deliver products on time with high quality.

  • After-sale Maintenance

    Provide a series of maintenance to achieve the maximum assurance and convenience to customers.


We have successful story with clients across APAC such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines and others. With our deep understanding of a wide range of business concept, we have the ability to support multiple platforms of mobile apps development. We believe a successful mobile apps comes from the business understanding, creative and innovative ideas as well as successful execution.

  • Go live after mid 2018

  • Before mid 2018