Workflow Processing Solution

Workflow Processing Solution

Trigger incorporates a variety of credit assessment and scoring systems, geared to speed up your business' decision making.

  • Trigger - solution providing highly efficient credit risk application management

  • Flexible workflow processing system suit to different businesses organization

  • Built to incorporate with variety of credit assessment and scoring systems

  • Fully customized and to combine with series of client defined policy rules

  • An integration system – it can be linked to various systems and databases being used by client currently

  • Who is it for?

    Regardless of industries - telecommunications, banking, retail, wholesale, insurance and more; Trigger takes the grind out of managing and assessing your customers’ credit rating and financial standing to provide an accurate reading; depending on your requirements

  • What is it?

    Trigger incorporates a variety of credit assessment and scoring systems, geared to speed up your business’ decision making, from the first time a customer registers on your CRM/database system throughout the customer experience and future returns.

  • How does it work?

    In its fully customized mode, Trigger is a combination of criteria defined by you, in a high performance application environment.These credit applications info are captured and run through at high speeds accurately, without the loss of data or missing out on the defined criteria and policies; finally to be assessed with a scoring system. Level of automation on these decisions and scores can vary based on the control you wish to have over the entire process.

  • How are red flags dealt with?

    Leads with bad credit and fraud histories are quickly disposed of or dealt with according to your practices – they may be rejected kindly, blacklisted, diverted to call centre/helpline or given conditions and terms to move forward.

    Summary of these assessments can be sent to you on demand or by periodical reports.

Why Trigger?

Trigger runs at exceptional efficiency rates, and allows credit application assessment to be at a minimal turnaround time. Leads and customers are appraised quickly so that business transactions are maximised and opportunities are not lost to competitors.

This efficiency is key to increase retention of customers who are pleased with the minimum wait time, and new prospects are not kept waiting in queue to be processed.

Trigger featuring with dynamic workflow configuration and dynamic field maintenance to provide flexible and friendly system environment, therefore, system maintenance cost is minimized.

The system provides you with insight to identify segments of your customers based on profitability, credit score, transactions, revenue and various fields. These reports can be generated manually or on a time-determined basis automatically. You can then prioritize the credit assessment process to focus on customers with good credit ratings and high profitability can be easily done.

Trigger works as an integration system – it can be linked to various systems and databases you currently have or external ones currently being used, easing the processing of information from various sources and without need for you to revamp the current informational and technological flow.

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